Picture of me as Student
WebUglen When I went on HTX, a more technical version of our general high school, there was a school project where all classes of third grade went together in three groups to create a website for some target group. My group took children as our target group. The task was then to create a serious and popular science/technical magazine for this group.

Each group consisted of some editors, journalists and some website creators. Each group had of course very different tasks to do. I was of course in the website creators group. The editors took all the major decisions, the journalists took on trips (we all went there, but only the journalists wrote about it) and of course the website group just programmed the website. I think we were the only group which actually used PHP and MySQL. All others just used basic HTML.

At the end of this project there was a competition about whose website was the best. In this competition all three of the HTX schools was in, with a total of nine webpages in the competition. The project I was in, WebUglen, was selected as the winner. Our site was quite different from the other sites. A link to the post about it (in Danish) can be found here.
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