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BirthdayReminder Listing of all upcomming birthdays BirthdayReminder Listing of all birthday Yes. I know. Can't I remember the birthdays myself? Well, not really. Therefore I wanted a program that could remind me of birthdays when they came close. At the time I were learning programming concepts and I thought it could be fun to use it for something.

The program is written in purely Java and uses the SWING GUI Framework. By using Java, the program can run on virtually any platform. The program saves its configuration to two files. One for the birthdays themselves and one for program config like how early the program should show someones birthday. These files can be moved from computer to computer.

The program is intended to do it's just as easily as possible. My idea is not to clutter it up with anything unwanted or features that are rarely used.

BirthdayReminder Adding of a new Birthday
  • The add dialog contains both a place to insert the birthyear, but also a place to insert age if the birthyear is unknown and you don't want to calculate yourself.
  • Alerts you on every startup, but only if there is some upcoming birthdays. You can also disable this feature.
  • There are multiple date format which you can choose from (dd-MM-yyyy, d-MM-yyyy, MM-dd-yyyy and MM-d-yyyy) If you feel any formats are missing. Please tell me.
  • Runs on virtually any platform or operating system.
  • You may choose your own icon used when an upcoming event is close.

The program is fully internationalized and can therefore easily be translated to any language. The languages in the installer is currently
  • English
  • Danish
If your language is not available, you can translate one of the language files located in the data/lang directory. Please send it to me for others to use.

There is no license, its free. Distribute to everyone you wish.

Current version: BirthdayReminder 1.1.1 654.05 KB

The program has been packed into an installable jar by IzPack.
Note: If you already have an older version installed, simply update your version by installing in the same directory. Your configuration file and birthdays will not be lost.

You can see a list of changes in the changelog.

Here is a list of problems I have encountered and not yet solved. If you know how to solve any of these issues, please email me.
  • There are still some labels in the JFileChooser that haven't been Internationalized. This is because the general idea from here does not fully work in Java 6.

Features missing:
These a features that might be implemented later, especially if I'm asked to do it.
  • Importing Birthdays from other BirthdayReminder files, calendar applications (Outlook?, Sunbird?)
  • Store Birthdays in an XML style file instead of a self-invented txt file. The same applies to the properties file.
If you find any bugs, have suggestions or just want to tell you appreciate the program, please send me an email, thanks.
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