Picture of me as Student
Nybyggerne.dk Nybyggerne.dk is a website I created with my friend, who is also a student at the University, for Nybyggerne A/S.

The site is very different from any other site. It's designed to feel like your standing inside a logbuilding. The logo is put on the walls using nails and the different pages are set up on a paper which is then pinned to a pin-up-board. Menus have been created by having shelves with books inside. Books symbolize knowledge here. And when they are opened a new piece of paper is put on the board.

It took me five days to create the page with my friend in 2008. It is written using PHP and MySQL. It has a CMS system used to create the pages, menus, upload pages and of course a log in system to access these features. It also includes a very basic statistic system.
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